Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association

15th Annual TVDSA Buddy Walk

presented by

Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association

October 14, 2017 at 11am

Capitol Park to Julia Davis Park

**This year we have a route change -- please look under FAQs for more info**

Catie's crew - Captain: Charisse Mack

We are so excited for the 2017 Buddy Walk! This event has been such a fun event for all of Catie's family and friends. We love to celebrate Catie and all of our buddies with Down syndrome.

We want to thank everyone who donates and joins Catie's crew!  To be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people supporting our little girl is such a humbling experience. 

Team Goal

Team Donors
Stephen Grabowski
Derrick Suarez
Deborah Boyd
Jen Chaney
Allen Deahl
The Reichert's
Leah Morgan
Evans Famly
The Ulrich Family
Carla Anderson
M.B Rietmann
Team Registrants
Hudson Krochmal
Jaime Spencer
Winnie Lasuen
Zach Gerleve
Kevin Leland
Sahara Olson-Davis
Graham Edwards
Finley Stoppello
Gretchen Krochmal
Joren Jensen
Theresa Mayfield
Sidney Jones
Bre Senten
Stephen Grabowski
Dean Olson-Davis
Arlene Rentfleish
Myah Singkhaophet
Catie Mack
justin davis
Keeley Spielman
Max Edwards
Lucy Lasuen
Alyssa Hodgkinson
Max Perner
Eann Spencer
Allison Krochmal
Kevin Ulrich
Payne Woodard
Alma Barroso
Lindsay Suarez
Brianna Furr
Ellie Bowers
Vincent Senten
Cindy Kester
kaysen davis
Evan Mayfield
Broc Whipple
Mike Gerleve
Diana Bradshaw
Andrew Thomas
Cade Singkhaophet
Presley Hodgkinson
Cassidy Mack
Edward Mack
Susan Qualls
Henry Leland
Christina Leland
Allen Deahl
Josie Jensen
Noah Maddux
Charisse Mack
Jonelle Kamper
Graham Christopher
Hailey Duncan
Danna Olson-Davis
Leah Morgan
Jadon Morgan
Whitney Thomas
Madeline Duncan
Laura Evans
Cash Deahl
Emma Spencer
Hank Nogle
Ryder Hodgkinson
Alyssa Wheeler
Ricky Hodgkinson
David Sanchez
jayden davis
Amy Gerleve
Finley Deahl
Sydnie Whipple
Stephanie Jensen
Hannah Nogle
randell hodgkinson
Bruce Singkhaophet
Cole Whipple
Lily Hodgkinson
Madison Jensen
Sarah Leland
Tanya Reynolds
dzevada becirovic
Luke Perner
Kristin Friesen
Chloe Liemandt
Jenni Jensen
Karen Mack
Allyson Sanchez
Stacey Christopher
naylah davis
Brynlee Sprague
Brandi Spencer
Anna Welsh
Sarah Maddux
Hayes Nogle
Samantha Rentfleish
Carissa Mack
Luke Volker
Kenneth Rentfleish
Kylee Hodgkinson
Lucy Leland
Cindy Whipple
Tim Wheeler
Rick Burkhardt
Levi Burkhardt
Freddie Woodard
Anna "Bambi" Ulrich
charlene hodgkinson
Nicole Deahl
Brooklynn Harter
Buck Hodgkinson
Michelle Volker
Trevor Spielman
Erin Hodgkinson
Matthew Evans
Zack Hood
Kathy Deahl
Viviana Lara
Chloe Leammon
April Burkhardt
Ryann Bowers
Amy Morgan
Maria Woodard
Frank Ulrich
Karla Gerleve
Cavan Olson-Davis
Carla Anderson
Tyson Mack
Charles Furr
Gia Bowers
Bret Bowers
Joey Anderson
Bree Singkhaophet
Ashlee Starkel
Noelle Perner
Jina Whipple
John Whipple
Poppy Deahl
Emery Haws
Tracey Wheeler
Jennifer Jordan
Jon Kelly Morgan
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