Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association

16th Annual TVDSA Buddy Walk

presented by

Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association

October 13, 2018 at 11 am

Beginning at "Cecil D. Andrus" Capitol Park, 601 W Jefferson Street

* This year our walk will complete a circle, ending back at Capitol Park *


Catie's crew - Captain: Charisse Mack

2018 TVDSA Buddy Walk

Catie's Crew - 2018 TVDSA Buddy Walk

Thank you for visiting the fundraising page for Catie's Crew! We are raising funds for the 2018 Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association's Buddy Walk. We have had such a great time over the past few years walking and celebrating individuals with Down Syndrome. The support and love that we have received from our family and friends has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated. I hope that you will consider registering to join our team this year! This year's event will take place on Saturday, October 13th. 

If you are unable to walk with us, we would love for you to be a part of our team by donating. Donations to the Buddy Walk benefit TVDSA, the Treasure Valley's organization providing support, education, scholarships, social events and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Please consider donating to benefit the Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association as well as the National Down Syndrome Association so we can continue our work to enhance the quality of life for people with Down syndrome. 

Thank you so much for your generosity. We can't wait to see you there!

Team Registrants
Lori Furr
Joey Anderson
Luis Gomez
Rick Burkhardt
Ryder Hodgkinson
Isaiah Teague
Houston Hodgkinson
Kevin Leland
Cassidy Mack
Sarah Leland
Broc Whipple
Amy Ulrich
Dan Senten
Kelsey Moore
Myah Singkhaophet
Breelyn  Singkhaophet
Rudy Burkhardt
Lucas Wheeler
Sarah Maddux
tyler davis
Jesse Maddux
Whitney Thomas
Cade Singkhaophet
Bre Senten
Joan Stimpson
Tracey  Wheeler
Cole Whipple
Jadon Morgan
naylah davis
Frank Ulrich
Steve  Grabowski
Caitlyn Manning
Karla Gerleve
Allyson Sanchez
Chloe Liemandt
Devhan Morgan
Emma Spencer
Alyssa Wheeler
Carla Anderson
Theresa Mayfield
Catie Mack
David Sanchez
Jesse Maddux
Hailey  Duncan
Jon Kelly Morgan
Ellie Moore
Charlene Hodgkinson
Edward Mack
Charisse Mack
Dean Furr
Hope Duncan
Jayden davis
Presley Hodgkinson
Jon Morgan
Amy Morgan
Zach Gerleve
Brandi Spencer
Tim Wheeler
Dusty Furr
Sydnie Whipple
Noah Maddux
Tyson Mack
Henry Leland
Levi Burkhardt
Andrew Thomas
Evan Mayfield
Mike Gerleve
Carissa Mack
Lori Evans
Mitzie Furr
Erin Hodgkinson
Jaime Spencer
Amity Furr
Charles Furr
Madeline  Duncan
Kristin  Friesen
Lily Hodgkinson
Christina Leland
Jina Whipple
George Moore
Adrian  Duncan
Karen Mack
Brandi  Wheeler
Bruce  Singkhaophet
April Burkhardt
Tobin Maddux
John Whipple
Eann Spencer
Bambie Ulrich
Kevin Ulrich
Cindy Whipple
Lucy Leland
Vincent Senten
Team Donors
Rhonda Smith
Joan Stimpson
Derrick and Lindsay Suarez
Carla Anderson
The Volker's
Jina Whipple
My Donors
Rhonda Smith
Joan Stimpson
Derrick and Lindsay Suarez
Carla Anderson
The Volker's
Jina Whipple
If you have problems with or questions about registering, check our FAQ page or email
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